New Toyota Corolla Announced

New Toyota Corolla Axio

Toyota has released the new Toyota Corolla Axio which is the 11th generation of Corolla. This new Corolla Axio come with 2 main features. #1 more compact with 50mm less in lenght, and #2 is on its front pillar that has been set back 100mm, an evolution to FF car.

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New Subaru BRZ to be released in spring 2012

Subaru has showcase its new FR sports car, Subaru BRZ at the NAIAS in Detroit. BRZ feature a 2.0L direct-injection 4-cylinder horizontally-opposed configuration engine called Boxer generating maximum output of 200ps and will be  available in 6-speed AT and MT. Similar to Japan, the car will be relesed in North America in spring this year.

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Toyota construct second Gateway Plant in Thailand

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that its Toyota Motor Thailand will build the second Gateway Plant for the production of its vehicle such as Camry, Pruis and Corolla. This new plant will increase the annual production capacity to 290,000 units from 220,000 units based on existing Gateway plant. The second Gateway plant is expected to start operations in mid 2013.

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Subaru BRZ Super GT300 racing participation announced

Subaru has revealed the Subaru BRZ Super GT300 that will be participating in the Super GT series in GT300 class at Tokyo Auto Salon today. With the theme “Proud of Boxer”, Subaru has line up 8 cars in their booth at Tokyo Auto Salon includes Legacy B4 GT300, WRX STI GroupR4, WRX STI NBR24h 2012 and few other custom and concept cars.

Subaru Boxer engine is a horizontally-opposed configuration engine where the pistons are arranged symmetrically left and right along the crankshaft. This gives the engine, and the overall vehicle, a lower centre of gravity and better balance. Further, the pistons’ opposing movements counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration.

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March, Juke and Leaf NISMO Concept released

Nissan has released the new Nismo concept series at Tokyo Auto Salon today which are March Nismo Concept, Juke Nismo Concept and Leaf Nismo Concept. These new Nismo concept features Nismo equipments and parts includes the exterior parts and aerodynamic technology developed by Nismo, and Nismo’s seat and steering for the interior. Other Nismo technology used includes Nismo’s high performance suspension and wheels to maximize the sports driving experience.

March Nismo Concept

Juke Nismo Concept

Leaf Nismo Concept

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What is Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology?

In late 2011, Honda announced the new developed next-generation technology for automobiles named “Earth Dreams Technology”. It is a set of advance technologies to further enhance the fuel efficiency and driving performance. Honda is targeted to use this new technology in every of its vehicle categories within the next 3 years.

After it was first implemented in mini-vehicle N Box, Honda will carry its objectives to achieve top-of-industry of fuel efficiency for all category within 3 years.

The key features of “Earth Dreams Technology” as follow;

  1. Top level driving performance and fuel efficiency gasoline engine.
  2. World’s lightest body, top-of-class acceleration performance and fuel efficiency compact diesel engine
  3. Provides high level driving fun and fuel efficiency via CVT
  4. Two-motor hybrid system to achieve top-of-industry efficiency
  5. SH-AWD hybrid system providing superior driving and environmental performance (SH: Super Handling)
  6. High efficiency and compact powertrain features for EVs.
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New Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 released

Nismo (Nissan Motorsports International Co. Ltd.) has officially announced the release of Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3, that was developed based on FIA GT3 regulations from its original model of Nissan GT-R R35. The car has been tested since 2011 its performance and durability has proven its credentials for GT3 racing worldwide.

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 is powered by “VR38DETT” 3.8L V6 twin-turbo engine, which is based on a standard road car unit generating maximum output of 530ps at 6400 rpm. The car features a rear wheels drive system according to FIA regulation, with 6-speed transaxle controlled by semi-automatic paddle-shift system.

The car is selling at 289,000 Euro or 32 mill yen (excluding tax) and will be made available in Nisma Japan, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania. GT-R Nismo GT3 will compete in this week Dubai 24-hour endurance race.

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Honda unveiled its first plug-in hyrid (PHV), Honda Accord Coupe Concept

Honda unveiled its new Honda Accord Coupe Concept which will be Honda’s first plug-in hybrid to be commercialized at the NAIAS in Detroit. Known in Japan as Inspire, the two-door coupe will be using the two-motor system of PHV generating maximum output of 163ps. The Lithium ion battery can store energy up to 6kWh and could move the car up to 24km distance with maximum speed of 100km/h in EV mode. By using rapid charging of 240V, the battery can fully recharged in less than one hour and half.

On the engine specifications, Honda’s new developed Earth Dreams technology will be adopted with 2.4L direct-injection 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine producing maximum output of 181ps with maximum torque of 24.5kgm. According to Honda, this will be the new model for 2013 and to be officially released in US in this year fall.

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Japan Top 10 Best Car Sellers in 2012 – Prius top ranking for 3 consecutive years

Japan Automobile Dealers Association has published the Top Best Car Sellers in Japan for the year of 2012. Toyota Prius is ranked no. 1 for 3 consecutive years with total sales of 252,528 units. In Rank 2 is Honda Fit followed by Toyota Vizt (Yaris) in Rank 3. (Sales from mini cars and foreign maker are not counted for the ranking.)

RankingModelMakerSales (Jan-Dec 2012)
3Vitz (Yaris)Toyota128,725
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Toyota Yaris (Vitz) Hybrid in Europe from 2012 summer

Toyota Yaris, well known in Japan as Vitz will come in hybrid engine system is set to be launced in Europe this year March at the next Geneva Motor Show. It will then made available in summer 2012. Instead of 1.8L hybrid system that currently has in Prius and Auris, Toyota Yaris Hybrid will be run with 1.5L 4-cylinder engine, and combination with its motor producing maximum output of 100ps. As of today, there is no official announcement on the performance to CO2 emissions, but with the 1.5L engine, it is expected to be catogerized amongts the lowest CO2 vehicle in Europe.

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